Pre-Election Christmas The Met Bonhoeffer 5th Annual MoM - The Gulf(between you & me)

The Crossing Presents

Friday June 7 @ 8pm
Gene Coleman’s
Ensemble N_JP

Saturday June 15 @ 6:30pm

Pierre Joris Reading His Poetry

Wednesday June 19 @ 8pm
Chris Jonas’s quartet
Sun Spits Cherries

Wednesday June 26 @ 6:30pm

“Inside the Composer’s Studio:
Gabriel Jackson”

Monday June 24 - Sunday June 30
Artist Dan Cole's work as inspired by
The Gulf (between you and me)










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The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage


American Composers Forum Philadelphia Chapter

The Month of Moderns 2013: The Gulf (between you and me)

Gene Colemans' Ensemble NJ_P
Friday, June 7 @ 8pm
International House
3701 Chestnut Street / Philadelphia, PA 19104


Read the program notes:

As part of the Fifth Annual Month of Moderns Festival, Gene Coleman and his group N_JP give the US premiere of Coleman's new music and video work "Spiral Network," featuring the Japanese Sho master Ko Ishikawa, Koto player and vocalist Naoko Kikuchi and the New York vocalist Thomas Buckner. Also on the program will be two recent Coleman compositions in his series inspired by Buckminster Fuller: "9 Chains" for ensemble, video and electronics (featuring Toshimaru Nakamura) and "Our Private Sky" (played by the Philadelphia duo Archer Spade).

Gene Coleman is a composer, musician and director. Winner of the 2013 Berlin Prize for Music, he has created over 70 works for various instrumentation and media. Innovative use of sound, image, space and time allows Coleman to create work that expands our understanding of the world. Since 2001 his work has focused on the global transformation of culture and music’s relationship with other media, such as architecture, video and dance. He studied painting, music and film making at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where his principle teachers included legendary experimental film artists Stan Brakhage and Ernie Gehr, as well as Robert Snyder (music) and Barbara Rossi (painting).

Coleman formed Ensemble N_JP in 2001 as a vehicle for his on going work with musicians from Japan. Through concert programs, multimedia works and educational projects, the group explores connections between contemporary and traditional forms of art. N_JP is made up of musicians who work with Coleman on a project-by-project basis. It unites outstanding Japanese musicians from the traditional, experimental and contemporary classical music communities, along with artists from Europe and the USA. Ensemble N_JP has performed in a number of important festivals and venues since it’s inception, these include the I-House of Tokyo, Pitt Inn Shinjuku, Kidailack Art House (Tokyo), The House of World Cultures Berlin, The Dresden Society Theater, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Lake Forest College, The Chicago World Music Festival, The I-House Philadelphia, The Blurred Edges Festival in Hamburg, The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, The Japan Society NY, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The group’s members include:
*Gene COLEMAN (composer, founder and artistic director)
*Rei HOTODA (conductor and assistant artistic director)
*Ko ISHIKAWA (sho {bamboo mouth organ})
*Naomi SATO (sho)
*Aya MOTOHASHI (hichiriki {bamboo oboe})
*Sasamoto TAKESHI (ryuteki {bamboo flute})
*Yumiko TANAKA (shamisen {Japanese banjo})
*Yoko NISHI (koto {Japanese zither})
*Toshimaru NAKAMURA (no input mixing board)
*Kazuhisa UCHIHASHI (guitar and daxophone)

Composer's Website

Audio Samples
Gene Coleman: "Spiral Network" (2013) for ensemble and two vocalistsGene Coleman: "9 Chains..." (2012) for ensemble and electronics
Gene Coleman: "Kyoto_Naigai"

About Gene Coleman and his residency and concerts in Berlin at The American Academy